Petscop: Overview of Video 5

Video 5 was uploaded on April 11, 2017, four days after Video 4 appeared.

It is the only video to feature a description since the first video, and I reproduce it here in its entirety:

Hello folks. I guess this is for all of you, now.

The following are the questions where the response was “I don’t know”:




Who is Care?

Who’s Care?

Who is Mike?

Who’s Mike?

Who is Michael?


Who’s Tiara?

Where are you?

When am I?

What is NLM?


Newmaker Plane?

Who is Newmaker?


What is Petscop?


How to see windmill?

See windmill?


What is this?

bababababab? !? ??

Who is Marvin? (we asked this one after the video ended)

Who’s Marvin? (same as above)

Marvin? (same as above)

The following are the questions with real responses (so far):

Who is Tiara? Answer: Petscop kid very smart

Where am I? Answer: Under the Newmaker Plane

Who am I? Answer: Newmaker

Who are you? Answer: Tool

Remember being born? (the full question “Do you remember being born?” didn’t fit)

Answer: I’m not Tiara

When the color changed, we were able to ask two questions:

Who are you? Answer: TURN OFF PLAYSTATION


The first line of the description seems to reveal that Paul has finally been joined by his audience, whoever that may be, and that he is now uploading the videos for our benefit.

However, the description also mentions that “we” asked a question of Tool. Is this a reference to the audience that is now with Paul? Or is it the first hint that others are going to become involved in the production and editing of the videos? In June 2017, radical changes were made to the YouTube channel, and it is now evident that a group I call The Censors is in complete control of Petscop. We’ll explore that when the time comes.

For now, let’s see what we can discern from this loooong description. A few key points:

  • This is the first time Tool identifies itself as such (I have been using the name Tool throughout these posts only for the sake of clarity; it never gave a name before).
  • Though Tool responds “I don’t know” to every question about Marvin when it’s in red mode, it suddenly has some shocking things to say about him when it switches over to pink mode. It is widely believed that Tool becomes “someone else” when it’s pink.
  • This is the first direct reference to Marvin (I have already mentioned him in the overview of Video 3, because Marvin appears to be the same character(s) as the Shadow Monster Man, and/or the Green-Faced Man and/or Care’s Dad).
  • “MARVIN PICKS UP TOOL HURTS ME WHEN PLAYSTATION ON” is the second instance (the note in Care’s Bedroom being the frst) in which text within the game seems to be referring to events occurring outside the game. Significantly, both instances might revolve around Marvin. If Marvin is Care’s dad, we’re dealing with a seriously creepy character.
  • I could be wrong about Marvin existing outside the game, because Tool might mean that Marvin is hurting someone within the game whenever the game is running.
  • Tool gives Paul/the player the name “Newmaker”, but this is not a proper name. It’s a title. Another character will assume the same title in a later video. That character appears to exist outside of the game, as well.
  • If this game is intended for Marvin (and it is), why does Tool order the player to turn off the Playstation?
  • Tool knows that Tiara is connected to the “Do you remember being born?” poster in the Mirror Room. Interesting. Is Tiara the Quitter?

Video 5 opens with Paul entering the Tool Room and explaining to us that he has been asking Tool the questions seen in the video description. Tool gave its default answer (“I don’t know”) to every single one, except for four of them. Paul says he is going to re-enter those questions so that we can see Tool’s answers for ourselves.

Tool is in red mode.

Paul, via the keyboard: Who is Tiara?

Tool: Petscop kid very smart

Is Tool calling Paul/the player a smart kid, or is it referring to Tiara? If Tiara wrote the note in the Mirror Room, which is printed in a childish manner, then she probably is a child. And her comments about the challenges of rebirthing a “psychologically damaged” child, quoted in the note in Care’s Bedroom, suggest she is wise.

Paul: Who am I?

Tool: Newmaker.

Paul does not comment on this.

Paul: Where am I?

Tool: Under the Newmaker Plane.

This is the first reference to the Newmaker Plane (I have been using the term Newmaker Plane throughout this series to differentiate the windmill level from the subterranean level beneath it). The name of the windmill level would seem to indicate that the player (the Newmaker) has some special dominion over that level, but from what we’ve seen so far, Paul is not the one in charge of it. He is unable to see the windmill that exists there, he did not open the cellar door that leads him under the Newmaker Plane, and he finds the Newmaker Plane to be a frustrating and confounding place.

Also, the Newmaker Plane is a place of desolation. The note in Care’s Bedroom stated that Care and other unloved children “wander the Newmaker Plane”, evoking the image of lost souls roaming through a purgatorial realm.

Tool suddenly turns pink. The keyboard, when it pops up, is also pink. Remember, this is not the same shade of pink associated with Michael Hammond.

Paul: Who are you?

Tool does not respond. “I think it broke,” says Paul. Previously, when he asked the same question of Tool during red mode, it replied, “TOOL.”


Paul: Why?

Again, there is no response. Several seconds pass.


This answer could mean that Marvin picks up Tool and hurts Tool when the game is running, or it could mean that Marvin picks up Tool and hurts someone with Tool when the game is running. Either way, it’s a chilling reply. When Paul is able to enter windmill in a later video, he witnesses an animated scene that implies Tool is a small weapon or object that can inflict pain on children – specifically, the ghostly image of a girl inside the windmill. This scene appears to be a recreation of what might have happened in the windmill.

Tool does have a pointy tip that could turn it into a useful weapon. We still don’t know what the hell it is, though. It could certainly be an awl, particulary a bradawl (used to make holes in wood). It somewhat resembles a bellows, an accordian-like instrument used to fan the flames of fires.

Commentators have suggested it looks like a birth canal, or a child in a sack. But I think a potentially dangerous object like an awl makes the most sense.

Finally, the unflappable Paul is dumbfounded. “This fuckin’ game,” he says. “This game…”

He starts to enter another question, but the keyboard suddenly turns from pink to red.

Paul decides to re-ask one of the questions now that Tool is a different colour.

Paul: Who are you?

Instead of repeating its demand that Paul turn off the Playstation, Tool replies, “TOOL.” Beside the word is a drawing of the Tool shape, and it looks more like a bellows than Tool itself does (the bottom half is narrower than the top half in the drawing).

woman using a bellows

Paul says he is going to wait for “that to happen again” (for Tool to turn pink) and end the video at this point. For a moment, his avatar becomes grotesquely distorted. He doesn’t comment on that.

the avatar melts, Tool’s answer becomes faded in places, and a dark patch appears on the floor

The video continues. Tool remains red.

Paul: Remember being born?

Tool: I’m not Tiara.

Previously, also in red mode, Tool replied both “Petscop kid very smart” and “I don’t know” when asked about Tiara. The fact that it can give different answers to the same questions could be a coincidence, or it could mean that there is real communication going on between Paul and Tool. It would be interesting to give Tool a Turing test.


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