Alien Abduction Advent Calendar Day 21: Hybrid Children

4 Days Until Christmas
5 Days Until Christmas

In abductee circles, it isn’t at all uncommon to hear someone say they have a child who could be a visitor-human hybrid. Women report gynecological procedures, vanishing pregnancies, and fetal abductions that occur during their time with the visitors. Some, like “Kathie Davis” (Debbie Jordan-Kauble) of Intruders fame, say they were actually shown fragile little children with very pale skin that appeared to be their own children.
Abduction researchers Budd Hopkins and the recently-disgraced historian David Jacobs concluded, after working with abductees, that the visitors are conducting a wide-scale genetic engineering program. Jacobs has become ragingly paranoid and irrational about “hybrids” who are supposedly living among us, manipulating our minds, and plotting a world takeover. On an episode of the History Channel program Weird or What?, Jacobs said he fears for his children and their children because hybrids may soon make this planet a “very different place.”
The notion of an alien breeding program has been seamlessly blended into sci-fi entertainment. For instance, Debbie Jordan-Kauble’s hybrid child, Emily, became a hybrid child named Emily on The X-Files. World takeover by aliens and the creation of hybrids were central to the show’s story arc.

Whitley Strieber, too, believes the visitors showed to him at least one baby that could have been a visitor-human hybrid, and wonders if it was his own. He now thinks the “anal probe” used by the visitors during his abduction of December 26, 1985 was an electroejaculation device that was used to extract semen from him.
The baby incident was a painful experience for him, and he has not written about in great detail. In Solving the Communion Enigma and in an online journal entry posted in 2009, he mentions that in 1988, the visitors placed an infant in his arms during an encounter at his cabin. “To this day,” he writes, “the sleeping face of this infant is burned into my soul, I can tell you, and in those days the memory was a raw, bleeding wound.”


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  1. Its been years and more years! But i can tell you,that debbie and kathy white have had real encounters! We grew up in a middle class neighborhood, that had its own strange happenings. We ice skated at a pond behind our homes, that had a strange presence its self.the kids would go and shovel the snow off the pond, and one whole area was completly burned black in a huge circle.all other surrounding areas were covered in snow,untouched. This happened thru out our youth.also during spring and summer and fall , the pond would glow. We were told it was swamp gas, but when you would walk thru the tall line of oak and cottonwood trees this same area was devoid of all sound.i mean no birds, bees,flies,nothing,this went on for years. Things finally started too tone its self down after their was a ufo sighting over ford motor indpls plant on the afternoon father was at work along with the rest of the plant. It was a huge blk triagular ship slowly moving across the 465highway and krogers everyone saw .this i think shock! Couldnt believe our eyes. I believe its documented? AND I BELIEVE after this these other events started taking place.i remkathys dog bubbles, just barked endlessly, something running over their roof! We were scared! My dame home. Three houses down.kathys mom was at bingo, and harry wasnt home as yet.she just locked up and turned on every light inside and outside the house. I remember as my children visited my parents home.they were not allowed back


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