Alien Abduction Advent Calendar Day 20: Airport

5 Days Until Christmas
6 Days Until Abduction

In 1989, two “Nordics” appeared in Whitley Strieber’s home (though humanoid and blonde, the Nordics share many characteristics with Strieber’s more alien-looking visitors, and have been reported by contactees and abductees since the 1950s).
They asked him if there was anything they could do for him, and without thinking he responded,”You could show me one of your children.” Perhaps he wanted to see evidence that the visitors reproduce and rear their young just as we do, or wished to understand their family dynamics. It was a tall order, and he didn’t really expect the Nordics to oblige him.

Some time later, Strieber was waiting at the baggage check-in at the Denver airport (not the current one that is reputed to be an alien base and/or a headquarters for the Illuminati). He watched three people join the line behind him, and was astonished to recognize one of them as the mysterious physicist from Boulder, another a female “gray”, and the third a boy roughly six years of age who stood an astonishing five and a half feet tall. The gray visitor was crudely disguised by latex and makeup (one wonders how she managed to hide her elongated, four-fingered hands) .
The trio carried golf clubs, as though destined for an ordinary vacation. No one other than Strieber paid any attention to them until the man and the boy began to play pattycake, speeding up the game until their hands were visible only as a blur. This brought a round of applause from onlookers.
Then the tall child left the line and walked towards a wall, simply vanishing before he reached it. Aside from Strieber, no one appeared to notice his disappearing act. Was the boy heading to Gate 7 1/2, I wonder?

Strieber believes this odd, not-so-little boy was a human-alien hybrid, presented in response to his request of the Nordics.


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