Alien Abduction Advent Calendar Day 18: Blimp

7 Days Until Christmas
8 Days Until Abduction


When Communion was first published in 1987, some readers were troubled by the lack of corroborative evidence for Whitley Strieber’s account. If UFOs were scooping him out of the woods in the wee hours, why weren’t his neighbours disturbed by bright lights or mysterious noises?
In his 2011 book Solving the Communion Enigma, Strieber revealed for the first time that two of his neighbours in New York did witness something highly unusual on the night of his December 26, 1985 abduction. This couple was returning home from a Christmas party around 2:30 AM. About a mile from home, they spotted a huge, cylindrical object standing in a field. At first, they thought it was a blimp that had landed there for some reason. Thinking the passengers could be in need of help, the man parked his car and approached the landed object. That was when he heard screams coming from inside the blimp. He broke into a run. At the same time, lights blinked on around the exterior of the craft, and it began to move slowly in his direction. Something about this deeply spooked the man. He stopped in his tracks, turned around, and fled back to his car to find his wife in a similar state of panic. They both suddenly doubted that this thing was a blimp.

Years later, after Communion was published, the man and his wife read Whitley’s account of screaming inside the UFO on the  night of his abduction, and realized they may have been the only human witnesses to this event.


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