Alien Abduction Advent Calendar Day 17: Trolls

8 Days Until Christmas
9 Days Until Abduction


The wrinkled, robotic “trolls” that Whitley Strieber saw in the summer of 1987 have possibly made appearances to other abductees, in other places, in other times. Strieber’s friend Lorie Barnes encountered them in her bedroom in the 1950s; they told her they had no interest in her, only in the female child she was carrying (and this baby did, indeed, turn out to be a girl).

In the summer of 2010, Strieber had a particularly interesting interview with a Canadian man on his online radio show, Dreamland. Alan Lamers claims that numerous people have vanished in the rainforest on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. While he was working in remote villages on the island’s south side, locals warned him never to wear bright colours into the forest, for they could attract the attention of the djinn (demons). The djinn will spirit away any man who ventures too deeply into their territory, they said. According to Lamers, one man did wear an item of yellow clothing into the forest during his time there, and was attacked by an unseen entity that scratched or bit his legs. Some people return to their villages after their companions vanish, but are unable to remember what they saw.
One man who could remember a little of his time in the forest reported some very strange sights: Mysterious beasts with tremendous antlers, rushing figures dancing in the corners of his eyes, and a diminutive being with the same tan, wrinkled flesh as Strieber’s trolls. His three companions disappeared on that trip, and have not been recovered in spite of an intensive search.

Early in his visitor experiences, Strieber encountered other troll-like, blue-skinned entities. In Communion, he notes an interesting fact: The kobold, a sprite of German folklore, was often said to dwell in mines and other places beneath the earth. Cobalt ore, and the colour cobalt, bear the name of this creature.


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