Alien Abduction Advent Calendar Day 10: Levitation

15 Days Until Christmas
16 Days Until Abduction

Levitation has long been connected to saints and mystics, hauntings, and cases of demonic possession. For instance, Magdalena de la Cruz, the sixteenth-century nun who claimed to have made a pact with Satan, reportedly levitated on more than one occasion. In the Enfield poltergeist case of the late ’70s, two young girls were repeatedly hoisted into the air by an unseen force…or launched themselves from their beds when no one was looking.
The experience Whitley Strieber had on July 18, 1986 (just one month after the Videodrome moment) is much different. There were no witnesses. He was not in a state of religious ecstasy or supernatural infestation. Unlike the ersatz prophet Simon Magus or the spirit medium Daniel Dunglas Home, Strieber did not will himself to levitate (or fake it) to impress an audience. In fact, if he really levitated, there doesn’t seem to be any purpose to it at all, other than another attempt at abduction by the visitors.

This is how Strieber describes the incident in Transformation: He was lying in bed, awake but relaxed, with his eyes closed. He heard a noise like the bedsheets rustling, and when the noise didn’t stop, he opened his eyes to look for mice. What he saw confused him – the ceiling beams of the cabin had somehow widened, and a huge rectangular object was suspended above him. It looked very much like his bed. It was his bed. His wife was still soundly sleeping on one side of it, while his side was vacant. Without feeling any sense of movement, he had floated up to the ceiling of the bedroom. The ceiling beams he thought he saw at first were actually floorboards.
Strieber tried to call out to his wife. All he could manage was a rasp; his voice simply wouldn’t work. As he hissed and wheezed, he began to float even higher, grazing the ceiling repeatedly. A few times, his body seemed to actually penetrate the ceiling, and he glimpsed a blinding light above him. Then, abruptly, he spiraled downward like a falling leaf, landing gently on the bed.


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