Alien Abduction Advent Calendar Day 8: Squash

17 Days Until Christmas
18 Days Until Abduction

In 1991, Michael Talbot was dying. The author of The Holographic Universe, age 38, had leukemia. Whitley Strieber invited him to spend a weekend at his new cabin that August, along with several other guests, and the group bought lots of fresh vegetables and fruit pies at a nearby farm that advertised its produce with the word HI spelled out in squashes.
Strieber woke shortly before dawn the next morning and heard Michael talking to someone at the front door. Walking down the stairs to see what was going on, he was shocked to find one of the visitors standing on the other side of the glass-paned door, carrying on a conversation with Michael, who was apparently in some sort of trance-like state and didn’t even realize he was talking to a nonhuman entity. He heard Michael ask, “Are you trying to sell those vegetables?”
The visitor was carrying a paper sack full of squashes. Instead of wearing coveralls (or nothing at all), as the visitors usually did, she wore a gray dress suitable for a little old lady.
Strieber intervened at that point, asking Michael, “Don’t you realize that could be the creator of mankind?”
Michael, still in his altered state, was unfazed. “She’s dead broke,” he told Strieber. He then told the visitor he would give her three dollars for the squash, only he didn’t have his wallet handy. But then he leaned against the glass, and the visitor did the same, still clutching her bag of squash. They seemed to share a very deep connection at that moment.
Strieber’s memory fails at this point in the story. He woke in his bed a short time later, unable to remember what happened or how he ended up back in his room. Michael remembered the encounter only as a dream of floating to the door and meeting a “deformed” old woman with huge eyes who was selling vegetables. As someone who didn’t believe in aliens, he couldn’t be convinced this wasn’t a dream. But Strieber knew otherwise: About ten squashes were missing from his neighbour’s HI that morning.

During her abduction in 1961, Betty Hill was asked by the aliens to explain various things about life on Earth. They listened attentively as she tried to describe one of her favourite foods: squash.


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