Alien Abduction Advent Calendar Day 7: The Box

18 Days Until Christmas
19 Days Until Abduction


From Whitley Strieber’s Transformation: “An instant later I saw a strange image as if on a television screen about a foot from my face. It was the image of the long, gray hand of a visitor pointing at a box about two feet square on a gray floor. For some reason this image had the effect of causing an explosive sexual reaction in me…It was especially odd because the image was so completely asexual.”

Abductee Beth Collings (“Carol”), under hypnosis (from C.D.B. Bryan’s Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind): “she was distracted by the row of identical two-and-half-foot-square boxes aligned along the corridor’s left-hand wall.
Look at the boxes, the Doctor Being was telling her.
To Carol, the boxes looked like giant marshmallows: Rounded corners, white, and without any visible markings.
Look at the boxes, the doctor repeated.
There were at least twenty-five of them, all the same size, all perfect cubes. They were not touching each other; instead, the boxes were spaced evenly along the length of the corridor.
Remember the boxes, the Being told her.
Carol did as he ordered, and the next instant, she was walking alone back down the hill to her West Virginia state park log cabin.”

Debbie Jordan-Kauble (“Kathie”, from Budd HopkinsIntruders), recalling a 1978 incident: “It began in the middle of the night with Kathie sitting up, awake, facing two strange, gray-faced creatures who stood alongside her bed. One of them was holding a small black box with a glistening red light on its top. The ‘man’ who held the box moved closer and handed it to Kathie, and as he moved the other figure moved too, in absolute unison…
He said ‘Kathie’, and handed me the box. I said, ‘Can I have it?” He said ‘No. Hold It. Look at it.” I did. Then he took it from me gently after a minute. I said, ‘What is it? What’s it for?’ He said, ‘Look at me.’…He said, ‘When the time is right you will see it again, you will remember and you’ll know how to use it.'”

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