Alien Abduction Advent Calendar Day 6: Another Cabin

19 Days Until Christmas
20 Days Until Abduction


Let’s move, for a moment, to the other side of the United States. Strieber’s experiences in his New York cabin are an eerie echo of the deeply weird events that biochemist Kary Mullis experienced at his northern California cabin during the very same year, described in his 1998 memoir Dancing Naked in the Mind Field.
Mullis is a countercultural sort of guy, and he holds some highly questionable beliefs, but the things he saw near his cabin in 1985 go well beyond the usual acid flashback or hippie-mystic daydream. Though there was no overt “visitor” involvement, Mullis reports many of the things common to abductions, notably episodes of missing time.

It all began one summer night when Mullis was at the cabin by himself. He arrived there around midnight, grabbed a flashlight, and headed for the outhouse that stood about 50 feet away from the cabin. As he approached it, he could see something softly glowing in the darkness beneath a fir tree. It appeared to be a raccoon. Like something out of Antichrist, the raccoon looked at Mullis and spoke to him in a normal, human-sounding voice: “Good evening, doctor.”
Mullis has no memory of the rest of that night. His next conscious memory is of walking along a road near his cabin around 6:00 the next morning, with no idea how he got there. His flashlight was gone. When he reached the cabin, he found the groceries he had placed on a countertop the previous night still sitting there, untouched.
Other visitors to the cabin had similar weird encounters over the years; Mullis’s daughter experienced three hours of missing time, and a friend saw what appeared to be a tiny, glowing man that was a dead ringer for Mullis’s elderly neighbour. The apparition was standing almost exactly where Mullis had seen the glowing, talking raccoon years earlier.

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