Alien Advent Abduction Calendar Day 5: No Sweets

20 Days Until Christmas
21 Days Until Abduction

In “The White Angel”, a chapter in Transformation, Strieber describes his memories of a May 30, 1987 encounter with a being that seemed to be part alien, part human, and part angel. “I remember nothing at all of the size or facial features of this person, being, visitor, or whatever it was,” he writes, “All I do remember is an impression of unusual whiteness and light-blue eyes.” This being, evidently a female, entered his bedroom in the wee hours (Anne Strieber, as always, slept undisturbed throughout the encounter). Unlike some of the other entities he had encountered in the previous two years, she had a calming presence and exuded an aura of wisdom that fascinated him.
She sat beside Whitley on the bed, and in a soft voice said, “I want to talk to you about your death.” This sent a spike of fear through him, naturally, but Strieber made no move to flee the room or repel his angelic visitor. As soon as the sleeve of the being’s white garment brushed his fingers, he felt calm and at peace again.
The being said, “Your metabolism has been altered. If you continue to eat sweets, you cannot hope to live long, and if you eat chocolate you will die.” The being then uttered a prediction related to his mother, and departed. The being had also told him that he would not recall anything about the encounter until after his wife returned from an upcoming trip to Dallas, and this is what precisely what happened. Just how the entity could have known Anne Strieber’s future travel plans is unclear.
Strieber told Anne about the angelic white being’s pronouncements about his mother, but deliberately omitted any mention of sweets. He felt that Anne would take the white entity’s warning more seriously than he had, and he wasn’t willing to give up desserts entirely.

Months later, on a fine autumn day, Strieber and his family were strolling along Bleecker Street in New York City, enjoying ice cream cones after a day of shopping. He suddenly  heard a voice shouting very close to his ear, the voice of a child about eight years old: “Can you stop eating that?”
At once, Strieber thought of the white being’s warning, and tossed the rest of his cone into a garbage can. Now three childlike voices sounded in his ear: “He threw away ice cream for us!”
In the following weeks, he received several messages telling him to avoid certain foods and substances. Cut back on meat, stay away from caffeine, no sweets. Streiber obeyed. Soon, he was adhering to a quasi-vegetarian diet that excluded coffee and tea.
On the night of October 1, sitting in his home office in Greenwich Village, he became exasperated with the ban on sweets and asked the visitors outright why it was so necessary to avoid them. A voice replied, “We’ll show you,” but for over an hour nothing transpired. Strieber finally strode into his kitchen for a Dove bar.
The very next day, filmmaker Philippe Mora (the director of Communion) phoned Strieber with a very unusual story: The mother of a mutual film school acquaintance was bedridden with, among other things, severe diabetes. And she told her son that one night, a mob of “little men” with blue skin had entered her bedroom and floated her up to the ceiling.

Later that year, Strieber woke to find a visitor in his bedroom again, and experienced a horrifying vision of a man being beaten with a strap. A voice informed Strieber that this person was being punished because he had failed to get Strieber to obey his commands, and he sensed this was directly related to the prohibition against sweets. Abruptly, the vision and the visitor vanished, leaving Strieber guilt-ridden and anguished. He felt the tortured man wasn’t real in a physical sense, but was ashamed of himself nonetheless. He resolved to stay away from sugary foods in the future. Maybe, he thought, the changes the visitors were trying to induce in him required the absence of sugar in his body.

Bizarre as all this is, Strieber was not the only abductee to receive food prohibitions that defy logic. Beth Collings, who experienced a string of weird visitor encounters with her friend Anna Jamerson in the early ’90s, was hypnotized by Budd Hopkins in the autumn of 1992. Her hypnotic sessions are recounted by author C.D.B. Bryan, who was present during them, in his book Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind.
In one of these sessions, Beth described a dramatic daylight abduction from a cabin she had rented in a West Virginia state park a month earlier. This was one of her many abductions by the diminutive beings she and Anna called the “little gray shits.” This time, when she tried to flee the visitors in her car, one of them caused the vehicle to stall. She was then removed from the driver’s seat and marched back up the road toward the cabin.
Her next memory is of being aboard a UFO. The aliens floated her to a chair, where an entity she called the “Doctor” explained that he would have to do some things to her. She was given several injections, then the Doctor took a blood sample. Frantic with fear and in pain from all the needles, Beth demanded to know why this was necessary. The Doctor wouldn’t explain. He would only repeat the same words each time she asked a question: “You are changed.”  Then he said, “You will eat only cow things.”
Carol protested that human beings have to eat more than just “cow things”, but the Doctor simply repeated, “You are changed.”
She was returned to the cabin a short time later, with no memory of the abduction or the instruction to eat only “cow things.” From that point on, she experienced painful abdominal cramps every time she consumed anything other than beef or dairy. After recalling the Doctor’s orders during her hypnotic session with Hopkins, she felt the symptoms would vanish, and ate a bowl of clam chowder at dinner. To her dismay, the cramps were as painful as ever.

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