Alien Abduction Advent Calendar Day 3: That Videodrome Moment

22 Days Until Christmas
23 Days Until Abduction

Electrical interference and poltergeist-like activity are often reported in connection with the abduction phenomenon. Anna Jamerson, a Maryland horse farmer who experienced a series of bizarre alien encounters along with her friend Beth Collings in the late ’80s and early ’90s, repeatedly watched lights along the highway blink out as her vehicle passed them. This began around the time she recalled being abducted by aliens throughout her life (in fact, she and Beth came to believe they had met as children, during an alien abduction), so Jamerson concluded there was some connection between aliens and what is now called “street light interference syndrome”. She and Collings also reported malfunctioning electronics, a TV that turned itself on and off, and unexplained power outages.

A few incidents described in Whitley’s Strieber’s books, particularly Transformation, involved this sort of activity.
On June 13, 1986, the Striebers were at their cabin with some guests for Whitley’s birthday. They were enjoying dinner when he began to feel the same pleasant tingling sensation he often experienced whenever the visitors were near. As he walked past an antique radio his son had given him, the volume shot up and the lighted dial flared brightly. Then the radio died. As it turned out, the mechanical on/off switch had broken for no apparent reason, as though it had been violently wrenched.
A far more disturbing and enigmatic incident occurred later the same night, when Strieber was alone in the living room. The Striebers didn’t have cable stations like HBO at the cabin, but they did pick up several network channels, so he decided to find an old movie on TV. Flipping through stations with the remote, he landed on a cable access channel. The image on the screen defied explanation: A mass of naked human flesh. It took Strieber a moment to realize he was looking at a hardcore S&M porn scene involving torture, which shouldn’t have been on any cable access station. It was as though he had stumbled upon a real-life Videodrome broadcast. Before he could fully absorb what he was seeing, however, the TV turned itself off (without a power outage, this could only be done by turning the manual knob on the set or unplugging it). Just before it went off, Strieber heard a voice in his left ear saying something like, “We don’t like that!”


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